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Cassiel 1.11

Cassiel is a small set of utilities for the online game Utopia.

War Report

Reports on the attacks exchanged, acres gained and uniques by each province.

War report

T/M Op Formatter

Formats T/M operations sent and received into a usable summary.

Summaries of thief and magic operations

Science Calculator

Takes a science report formatted by Utopia Angel and adds up the current and in progress science to give totals for those of us pedantic enough to want round numbers of science. Also reports your total books and books/acre.

You can use it on your own science or on an enemy target's science.

Science calculator


Cassiel is a Windows application. You will need Microsoft .NET 3.5.


Run the installer. You will get a icon in your notification area:

Notification area icon

Right-click this icon to use Cassiel!

The next time you launch the computer, Cassiel will automatically restart.

What's New?


You can generally find me in the #strategy channel on Ask for Jivlain. Alternatively, you could email me at

Cassiel is licensed under the GPL, version 3.0 or later.